6 Best Soaking Tubs (Spring 2023) – Reviews & Buying Guide (2023)

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Get to cloud nine – why to buy a soaking tub

6 Best Soaking Tubs (Spring 2023) – Reviews & Buying Guide (1)You might think of it as a luxury item. However, especially as the days get colder and your body seems to ache more and more with each passing day, you’ll definitely be tempted to draw yourself a cozy bath.

Ever think that it would be impossible for a bath to get any better? Well, a soaking tub is literally designed to be the perfect form for taking a bath and made exactly for the perfect soak.

Types of soaking tubs

There are so many different types of soaking tubs. We’re going to be talking about the seven different kinds here. Knowing the differences between each of them will help you pick out which one will meet your needs.

6 Best Soaking Tubs (Spring 2023) – Reviews & Buying Guide (2)The Single-Ended: This type of tub is the most commonly found and purchased for traditional homes. In this tub, you can find one rounded end and the other end is specifically set apart for the drain and the faucet. Normally, the single-ended tubs are set at a range of 48”-70”.

The Single Slipper: This tub is designed with similarities of the single-ended, since one end has the drain and faucet and the other end is formed to sit and lounge. What makes it different is its form, which is like the shape of a slipper. You should choose this tub if you’re looking for support for your back. You will normally find the single slipper to be anywhere from 43”-73”.

The Double-Ended: If you like to choose the side you want to be on, this type of soaking tub will give you the option of choosing which side you want to be on. You can even fit two bathers at once if it’s large enough. The faucet and the drain are often positioned in the center. You will normally find this type of tub from 55”-72”.

The Double Slipper: This is pretty much the same type as the double-ended except that it is shaped more like a slipper, so the back reclines. You can also accommodate two bathers in here and it is a bit bigger than a double-ended, with a size range of 59”-78”.

The Clawfoot: This type of tub you probably have seen in movies and they are the most traditional, having been around since the 1800s. You can even branch out in the clawfoot family from a single-ended to a single slipper, double-ended, and double-slipper. Normally they will be 48”-72”.

The Pedestal/Skirted: Instead of having “claw feet” for stands, the bathtub rests on a plinth. You can also get them in all kinds of designs, ranging from single to double. Normally, you can find them at a size range of 52”-78”.

Japanese Soaking: Finally, the last type of soaking tub is the perfect choice for someone who is not working with a lot of space. It is generally rather small in length, however, it is big in height. Normally, you can sit in these tubs since it has an integrated seat (especially at the height). They will be 40”-60” in width. The drain and faucet are normally found on the opposing side of the “seat”.

How to install a soaking tub?

6 Best Soaking Tubs (Spring 2023) – Reviews & Buying Guide (3)Normally, the installation process will most likely be better done with a professional crew. However, if you plan on doing it yourself, you will need to know a few tips.

First and foremost, make sure the floor is even and you’re carrying the bathtub in an upside down position. You’ll need to consider the fact that you will be working with pipes, plumbing, lumber, and silicone.

Features to consider while buying the most comfortable soaking tub

Before you buy, you should definitely check out these important features and make sure you know what is most important for you.

6 Best Soaking Tubs (Spring 2023) – Reviews & Buying Guide (4)Size

Not only is the size important to know because it must be coherent with the space you have available, but it should also meet the requirements when it comes to fitting two people in the bathtub or what sort of setup you would like.

Normally, if there are two black slants and the drain is located at the center, the tub is actually designed to hold two people. However, if there is only one slope and the drain is stationed at one end of the bathtub, it is only meant for one person.

When talking about measurements, the floor of the tub—the length and the width—are the two most important measurements to see if you will fit comfortably in the tub.

However, the measurement is also important because you’ll need to know if the bathtub will fit in the room and within your home—like your doors and hallways. This is a minor detail, however, if it’s too big, it simply won’t fit in your house!


Normally, the material of the tub will dictate a few different aspects of your soaking tub owning experience. For one, the material can help with cleaning and can help with the longevity of its “life”.

6 Best Soaking Tubs (Spring 2023) – Reviews & Buying Guide (5)You should look for soaking tubs that are designed from one of these three types of material:

  • Acrylic: If you want a strong and lightweight material, consider acrylic. Not only is it long-lasting since it is resistant to scratches and also fading but it is non-porous, which makes it less likely to leak. The best part about it is the fact that if it develops scratches or gets damaged it can be buffed and fixed pretty easily.
  • Cast Iron: For a tub, if you’re looking for something much more sturdier that is made of heavy material, you should get a tub molded from cast iron. It is finished with a baked-on layer of enamel, which makes it extremely sturdy and resistant to scratches, most chemical cleaners, and chips. Unfortunately, if you do happen to damage the enamel, it’s much harder to fix.
  • Solid Surface: With these types of tubs, you’ll be getting somewhere in between natural minerals and binding agents—much like most countertops. This is boasted as extremely heavy and sturdy material—and completely resistant to discoloring, scratches, and stains. It can also be easily repaired through sanding or polishing.


6 Best Soaking Tubs (Spring 2023) – Reviews & Buying Guide (6)Part of the tub that’s an extremely important feature to not ignore is the faucet. Not only is location important when it comes to faucets but so is the type of faucet.

A huge impact playing a part in what kind of faucet you will need installed will depend on the style and material of the soaking tub.

If you’re going to be getting a solid surface tub, for instance, you won’t be able to have a deck-mounted faucet. However, if your tub is going to be made of acrylic or cast iron, you’ll have various options at your disposal to be able to choose from.

To help you get a better sense of your selection, here are a few types of faucets:

  • Rolled Rim: If your bathtub has a rolled top, you won’t have faucet drillings, this will make it very easy to make your selection seeing as it’s only compatible with a certain type of faucet—a freestanding tub faucet or a bathroom, wall-mounted tub faucet. The wall-mounted tub makes it that the tub will need to be very close by a wall.
  • Inner Wall Tub Drilling: If you have a cast iron tub, you’ll need to have this sort of faucet since the tub will most likely have a continuously rolled rim. This type of tub will also have holes located right on the inside wall so it can mount a tub-wall-faucet. Fortunately for you or the worker, the bathtub will already come with the hole drilled in for easy installment.
  • Tap Deck with Rim Holes: The measurement of these rim holes needs to be seven inches from the center of the first mounting hole to the direct center of the second one. This measurement is standard for deck-mount tub faucets. This sort of faucet will mount right to the rim of the tub and it will also need to have a tap deck.
  • Tap Deck without Drillings: Finally, this is the last type of faucet drilling. When you have a tub that doesn’t have a standard seven-inch center, you won’t be able to get a pre-drilled tap deck. Therefore, you’ll need to get a tap deck that doesn’t have drilling. This sort of job calls for a plumber, since he or she will have to drill the faucet holes.


The location of the drain will also make the difference (as well as the difficulty of where the plumbing goes).

When talking about the bathtub, the drain’s location will often reference whether or not the bathtub is set or designed for one or two people. The drain location will make the option quite clear.

When it is set in the middle, with an adequate, corresponding size, it will more likely than not be made for two people, like the Empava EMPV-FT1518. However, when the drain is set on one side (normally opposite the lounging side), then the drain will be for one person.

How deep should it be?

6 Best Soaking Tubs (Spring 2023) – Reviews & Buying Guide (7)If you have the space for it, you should be looking for a tub that will be compatible enough for your long, body-length soak.

For a soaking tub, you should be looking at a minimum depth of 14” or more. That way, you’ll be assured that the water will then cover most of the body when bathing.

However, a huge point of consideration when talking about the depth of the tub would be to make sure to keep the bather in mind. For example, if the person using the tub has certain physical limitations, you’ll definitely want to consider that fact when that person has to get in and out.

Tub capacity

Here we’re going to talk not only about the water capacity but also about the person capacity. Some of these baths, called “double…” are designed to fit two bathers at once. If you’re on your own and only looking for a single tub, you’ll want to make sure that you get the proper type.

When it comes to water capacity, you’ll need to make sure that there is enough water in the tub that will cover your body—if not, this can be a very unpleasant (half warm, half cold) experience.


6 Best Soaking Tubs (Spring 2023) – Reviews & Buying Guide (8)The shape of the soaking tub is also highly important. Not only will the shape of the tub dictate the style and if it matches with your interior decor, but it will also determine whether or not your tub will be able to fit into your desired space (most likely the bathroom).

Are the feet necessary?

Most traditional soaking bathtubs will come with clawed feet. However, you can definitely get a soaking tub that has a pedestal or is skirted.So, no, the feet are definitely not necessary.

Special features

Even though you already may think that a luxurious soaking tub is already special enough, there are some other special features that can add to the experience.

For example, you can enjoy some extra pillows, shelves, armrests, mood lighting, an aromatherapy system, a heater, and even a sound system. In case you’re searching for these, be sure to check the best whirlpool tubs out.


The warranty of not only the bath but also the material is immensely important. If you’re going to be investing in something, as well as the installation, you’ll want it to also have a long-lasting life so you can enjoy it for as long as possible.

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