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Whether you’re an experienced athlete or you pride yourself on staying healthy and fit, cold therapy may form an essential part of your recovery process.

Cold therapy is a revolutionary solution that could recover sore muscles, reduce inflammation, and benefit your mental wellness.

Taking a cold plunge in an ice bath is one of the most natural ways to help “reset” your mental frame of mind. Cold therapy may help reduce stress and symptoms of depression, which is especially important when you feel the pressure of the big games ahead.

“Resetting” the mind and body by taking a cold bath can help balance the stressors that trigger during work-life and other high-level stress events.

Before beginning your cold therapy journey, here are some essential things to know.

5 Dos of Cold Therapy – An Ice Bath Experience You Won’t Forget

#1 Do: Go easy on the water temperature at the beginning

If you’re starting, you don’t want to push your body to its limits. The temperature should not be too cold when starting out as it could lead to shock. As you become accustomed to cold baths, you can slowly begin to experiment with lower temperatures.

#2 Do: Stay in your “cold tolerance” temperature

Not everyone is the same. While some folks can withstand the cold temperatures for more extended and lower degrees, it is still done with caution. If you’re only able to handle a certain amount of cold in your cold bath session, stick to that.

#3 Do:Wear clothes to regulate body

When taking an ice bath, make sure that you wear a long sleeve sweater and shorts. While this might not keep you completely warm, it helps regulate your body temperature.

#4 Do: Plan your cold therapy sessions

Managing your ice bath sessions can sometimes take time, which can be frustrating when looking to reduce swelling and tissue breakdown. Injuries can happen during workouts and poor posture.

It’s easier to have anIce Barrelthat allows little to no maintenance. Before you experience the benefits of ice baths, first take the time to consult your general practitioner.Do as much research as you can beforehand. Be aware of the possible risks like frostbite, anaphylactic shock, and arrhythmias resulting from cold water exposure.

#5 Do: Prepare mentally and physically for the experience

A cold bath is not just an average experience; it is unique, and for some, challenging to get into at first. Ice baths are a mental and physical experience. It’s also a good idea to take cold showers on the days leading up toward the very first plunge.

5 Don’ts of Cold Therapy – Avoid These To Have a Better Experience

#1 Don’t: Force your body or push too hard

Forcing your body to push more extremes than it can physically handle can lead to more damage than good.

Using low temperatures as part of recovery is aimed to improve wellness. When practiced correctly, it can help constrict blood vessels, helping to reduce inflammation-causing pain and swelling. At the same time, taking a cold swim could have positive effects on the psyche and produce hormones like endorphins, acting similar to an antidepressant.

#2 Don’t: Stay in too long

Even if you’re having a cold exposure training session, don’t be tempted to stay for longer than is required – 6 to 8 minutes. Exposure to the cold can restore connection and reset the mind and body. Still, overexposure can lead to dangerous situations like shock, as mentioned earlier, and hypothermia.

#3 Don’t: Take the plunge alone when starting

If you’re not a veteran in the cold therapy scene, don’t take the cold plunge alone. Even the most experienced individuals have another person present for safety precautions.

#4 Don’t: Be quick to have a warm bath or warm shower soon after your cold session

Contrast therapy has its benefits, but it’s better to allow your body to raise its temperature naturally and gradually. The immediate switch from cold to hot and vice versa could also pose a possible shock on the body.

#5 Don’t: Solely rely on ice baths for recovery

While ice baths are an excellent addition to your workout and recovery sessions, try combining them with others. A combination of ice baths, massage, and other sore muscle remedies are all good for speedy healing.

Recovery, health, and remedy are vital aspects when you’re looking to get your muscles, joints, and body back to its strong self.

Cold therapy benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Being able to improve a low mood
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve sleep
  • May improve the cardiac muscle
  • Speeds up muscle and joint injury recovery time
  • It may reduce pain levels in the body

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