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Got a filler injected on your face or elsewhere? Wondering about the Dos and Don’ts after your fillers? Here are 10 points which you should avoid to have the best results from your filler.

1. Avoid washing your face with normal tap water on the day of the filler.
Well, it is controversial but tap water at many places can be a source of infection, it is best to stick to your facial wipes to wipe the face gently without too much pressure. If you must wash your face on the day of the procedure, stick to a source of water that you consider safe.
This is specially important if you have had a cannula used for the filler injection. After 24 hours the skin is sealed again naturally at the puncture sites and you can go back to washing your face normally.


2. Avoid pressure on the injected area
We are all aware that fillers are hyaluronic acid gels. When injected they take a while to settle in the injected area. They are deformable initially and if too much pressure is applied the effect may change. Make sure you do not apply excessive pressure while sleeping or while applying anything on your face. In about a week or so, fillers start settling down and you can go back to your usual routine after about 7-10 days.

3. Avoid blood thinning products
This is true as a ‘before the procedure’ precaution also. Avoid too much garlic, ginger, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, kava and fish oil in the diet. Avoid taking these for at least a week. Taking these products can lead to increased chances of bruising.


4. Avoid Sun Exposure
The skin is slightly irritable after the filler at the puncture sites and if you have a bruise from the procedure, you may end up with hyper-pigmented skin in that area. Make sure you are not venturing out in direct sunlight and if you must then you are well protected with a sunscreen.

5. Avoid heavy workout
If you work out in the gym or at home, it is best to avoid working out for 48-72 hours. Any activity that increases the heart rate too much or rushes blood circulation should be withheld. It may also make the injected area slightly painful and increase the chances of bruising.

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6. Avoid Swimming for 3 days
Swimming is also an intensive workout. Staying in the pool in the initial days may also increase the chances of infection.

7. Avoid over analyzing your results in the initial days
Swelling after the fillers is natural and people may have very mild to slightly increased swelling after filler injections. You shouldn’t keep assessing the result every now and then. Let the injected area settle down for a few days and after 15 days when fillers have almost settled – this is the time to discuss your results with your doctor.

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8. Avoid using exfoliating creams
It is strongly recommended that you do not use any facial scrubs or retinol based creams or exfoliating creams for at least 48 hrs after your filler injection. It may leave your skin irritated.

9. Avoid microneedling, injections and lasers
It is a good idea to wait for at least 2 weeks after fillers for getting skin related procedures like peels, microneedling, injections and lasers.

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10. Avoid alcohol and smoking for 48hrs
It may slightly increase the chances of bruising. However, it is not a mandatory don’t. It is generally considered that alcohol dehydrates and the fillers for their good effect must be slightly hydrated. You can take your call on this. We recommend avoiding it!


What are the answers for null hypothesis? ›

The null and alternative hypotheses offer competing answers to your research question. When the research question asks “Does the independent variable affect the dependent variable?”: The null hypothesis (H0) answers “No, there's no effect in the population.”

What is a null question? ›

A null hypothesis is a type of conjecture in statistics that proposes that there is no difference between certain characteristics of a population or data-generating process.

Should I reject the null? ›

Determine how likely the sample relationship would be if the null hypothesis were true. If the sample relationship would be extremely unlikely, then reject the null hypothesis in favour of the alternative hypothesis. If it would not be extremely unlikely, then retain the null hypothesis .

What do you say when you reject the null? ›

In this case, it is generally appropriate to say “the null hypothesis was rejected” because you found evidence against the null hypothesis. This statement is often sufficient, but sometimes reviewers want you to go further and also make a statement about the alternative hypothesis.

What is 1 example of null hypothesis? ›

Null Hypothesis: There is no difference in the mean amount of weight loss when comparing a low carbohydrate diet with a low fat diet (population mean weight loss on a low carbohydrate diet = population mean weight loss on a low fat diet).

What is null hypothesis in simple words? ›

Null hypothesis is defined as “the commonly accepted fact (such as the sky is blue) and researcher aim to reject or nullify this fact”. More formally, we can define a null hypothesis as “a statistical theory suggesting that no statistical relationship exists between given observed variables”.

What is a null answer? ›

1 without legal force; invalid; (esp. in the phrase null and void) 2 without value or consequence; useless.

Does null mean yes or no? ›

Null or Nil Characteristics: Etymo: Latin nullus "not any, none," from ne- "not, no" (see un-) + illus "any," dim. of unus "one." Semantically: Very difficult. In most cases, NULL or nil means "no value" or "not applicable".

What is a null value answer? ›

What is a NULL value? A NULL value is a special marker used in SQL to indicate that a data value does not exist in the database. In other words, it is just a placeholder to denote values that are missing or that we do not know.

Why is null a bad idea? ›

The fundamental problem of null is that it is trying to represent the fact that it is not a value while being assigned as a value. This fundamental flaw then snowballs and manifests into problems that we see in everyday production code.

Can I accept the null? ›

Appropriate criteria for accepting the null hypothesis are (1) that the null hypothesis is possible; (2) that the results are consistent with the null hypothesis; and (3) that the experiment was a good effort to find an effect. These criteria are consistent with the meta-rules for psychology.

Do we accept the null? ›

Does one reject the null hypothesis? In common usage, when one does not reject something, one is accepting it. This seems logical since accept and reject are antonyms (opposites). However, in null hypothesis significance testing, one can never accept the null hypothesis.

Does rejecting the null mean its true? ›

If we reject the null hypothesis, we will act as if the null hypothesis is false, even though we do not know if that is in fact false. If we accept the null hypothesis, we will act as if the null hypothesis is true, even though we have not demonstrated that it is in fact true.

How do you overcome null? ›

10 Tips to Handle Null Effectively
  1. Don't Overcomplicate Things. ...
  2. Use Objects Methods as Stream Predicates. ...
  3. Never Pass Null as an Argument. ...
  4. Validate Public API Arguments. ...
  5. Leverage Optional. ...
  6. Return Empty Collections Instead of Null. ...
  7. Optional Ain't for Fields. ...
  8. Use Exceptions Over Nulls.
Jan 26, 2017

What is an example of the phrase null? ›

We often use it with the meaning "lacking meaning or value," as in "By the time I heard it, the news was null."

Is null hypothesis always negative? ›

The null hypothesis is always stated in the negative. This is because you have to be able to prove something is indeed true. Technically speaking, the word “hypothesis” is a Greek word that means “an assumption subject to verification”. The null hypothesis is what we test with statistics.

How do you reject a null hypothesis? ›

Rejecting the Null Hypothesis

Reject the null hypothesis when the p-value is less than or equal to your significance level. Your sample data favor the alternative hypothesis, which suggests that the effect exists in the population. For a mnemonic device, remember—when the p-value is low, the null must go!

What is the most common null hypothesis? ›

The t Test. As we have seen throughout this book, many studies in psychology focus on the difference between two means. The most common null hypothesis test for this type of statistical relationship is the t test .

Is null hypothesis good or bad? ›

The null hypothesis—which assumes that there is no meaningful relationship between two variables—may be the most valuable hypothesis for the scientific method because it is the easiest to test using a statistical analysis. This means you can support your hypothesis with a high level of confidence.

What does it mean to accept a null hypothesis? ›

Accepting the null hypothesis would indicate that you've proven an effect doesn't exist. As you've seen, that's not the case at all. You can't prove a negative! Instead, the strength of your evidence falls short of being able to reject the null. Consequently, we fail to reject it.

Why do we say null hypothesis? ›

The null hypothesis is that any experimentally observed difference is due to chance alone, and an underlying causative relationship does not exist, hence the term "null". In addition to the null hypothesis, an alternative hypothesis is also developed, which claims that a relationship does exist between two variables.

Does null mean none? ›

NULLs should be used wisely so the database gives a faithful picture of the reality it represents. Some people associate NULLs with zeros; others think that NULL means “none”. In SQL, neither of these are true. Simply put, an SQL NULL means that we don't have a value for that particular field.

What is a null statement? ›

The NULL statement is an executable statement that does nothing. The NULL statement can act as a placeholder whenever an executable statement is required, but no SQL operation is wanted; for example, within a branch of the IF-THEN-ELSE statement.

Does null mean 0 or 1? ›

In mathematics, the word null (from German: null meaning "zero", which is from Latin: nullus meaning "none") is often associated with the concept of zero or the concept of nothing.

Does null mean negative? ›

Sometimes referred to as negative results or failed experiments, null results are often used not for their actual findings, but to determine what can be done more effectively in further research.

Is null the same as nothing? ›


A string in VB.NET can be assigned to Nothing, which is the same concept as Null. We can test a Nothing String with the String. IsNullOrEmpty method. Tip The term "null" is simply a different name for "Nothing." There is no "IsNothingOrEmpty" string method.

Does null mean empty? ›

The Java programming language distinguishes between null and empty strings. An empty string is a string instance of zero length, whereas a null string has no value at all.

What is null called? ›

Null means having no value; in other words null is zero, like if you put so little sugar in your coffee that it's practically null. Null also means invalid, or having no binding force. From the Latin nullus, meaning "not any," poor, powerless null is not actually there at all.

What is the difference between null and blank? ›

The Solution

The fundamental difference between these two is that null controls the validation at the database level, and blank is used during form field validation at the application level. By default all fields are required.

Is null actually not a value? ›

NULL is not considered a value but rather stands for the fact that a value is missing or unknown for a column. So two columns that are NULL are not actually equal.

Why do people use null? ›

When to Use null (And When Not to Use It) The basic rule is simple: null should only be allowed when it makes sense for an object reference to have 'no value associated with it'. (Note: an object reference can be a variable, constant, property (class field), input/output argument, and so on.) Every person has a name.

Is null always false? ›

Comparing any variable with NULL will always evaluate to FALSE, regardless if it's value, unless IS NULL or IS NOT NULL is used. Violating this rule will affect the functionality of the code. The severity is critical which means that the code will not function correctly.

What can I use instead of null? ›

Empty String

String data types are often initalized to null as well. However, for the exact same reasons, we prefer to use an empty string to replace null .

What is the null hypothesis for yes or no questions? ›

A hypothesis test is designed to DECIDE the answer to a YES OR NO question using DATA. One of the answers (yes or no) is called the “null hypothesis”. It is the answer that corresponds to no relationship, or to a population number being a specific value.

How do you calculate the null hypothesis? ›

For this first find the difference between claimed data and the actual data and then divide it by claimed data. The result is multiplied by 100. If the result falls within the confidence interval, then the null hypothesis is accepted; however, the hypothesis is rejected if it is outside the confidence interval.

How do you solve a null hypothesis in research? ›

  1. Step 1: State your null and alternate hypothesis. ...
  2. Step 2: Collect data. ...
  3. Step 3: Perform a statistical test. ...
  4. Step 4: Decide whether to reject or fail to reject your null hypothesis. ...
  5. Step 5: Present your findings.
Nov 8, 2019

What is the p value for the null hypothesis? ›

The P value is defined as the probability under the assumption of no effect or no difference (null hypothesis), of obtaining a result equal to or more extreme than what was actually observed. The P stands for probability and measures how likely it is that any observed difference between groups is due to chance.

Is null hypothesis always no? ›

"The statement being tested in a test of statistical significance is called the null hypothesis. The test of significance is designed to assess the strength of the evidence against the null hypothesis. Usually, the null hypothesis is a statement of 'no effect' or 'no difference'." It is often symbolized as H0.

Is the null hypothesis the truth? ›

A null hypothesis is either true or false. Unfortunately, we do not know which is the case, and we almost never will. It is important to realize that there is no probability that the null hypothesis is true or that it is false, because there is no element of chance.


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