What Do People Wear in 16 Degree Weather? A Guide (2023)

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Have you ever experienced 16-degree weather? What do people wear in 16 degree weather?

Well, I’m not talking about the 16-degree air-conditioned weather. It’s the winter I’m talking about here.

When the temperatures drop, it’s always challenging to handle the weather. There’s one way to make it easier, though. Do you want to know how?

The answer is simple. You must prepare yourself for it.

Good preparation will always keep you safe irrespective of the conditions.

So, even in 16-degree weather, you can’t land and expect it to be a cakewalk. There are things to be aware of. It will allow you to enjoy the weather and also survive.

I’ll take you through the ideal clothing for this low-temperature weather. So, make yourself warm and comfy because there’s a chilly ride ahead.

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Layering in Winter Weather

Layering is necessary for most winter climates. It doesn’t mean you go overboard in this pursuit. There are some essential layers you must be aware about.

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Let’s check out the crucial layers on cool days.

1. Base Layer

As the name suggests, it is the base of your winter layers. This layer must be comfortable and flexible. It’s required as it is the layer closest to your skin.

You wear this below all other layers. It’s here to keep you warm and dry in winter. If the temperatures turn 16 degrees, pants and a shirt aren’t ideal.

If the base layer doesn’t keep you dry, your skin will become damp and cold. Also, base layers should be very warm and comfortable. It’s because they act as your second skin.

When you choose your base layer, ensure it’s light and airy. Woolen clothing is a good option in this case.

2. Mid Layer

After the base layer comes the middle one. It works as an insulator. Wear light and comfortable clothes for this layer.

For this purpose, fleece fits the bill. It traps heat while also remaining breathable. A lightweight down jacket is also a suitable middle layer.

3. The Top Layer

The final layer is outside these other layers. This layer will face the weather. Hence, it needs to be waterproof and windproof.

Here’s how the basics of winter layering function. Assess the temperature around you and opt for your layers.

Top to Bottom in Extreme Conditions

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There are days when winter is kind to you. But winter can turn up at its harsh best too. It would be great if you preparedin advance for it.

In such cases, you can’t leave any stone unturned. It would be best to cover yourself from head to toe. It would be the only way to survive while you’re numb on the inside.

Now you might ask, “What do people wear in 16 degree weather?” It’s best if the answer comes in layers.

Let’s look at some winter clothing suitable for extreme weather. These options could come in handy if the temperatures drop.

1. Beanies

Many a time, extreme temperatures can see snow and hailstorms. In such scenarios, you’re head needs the proper protection. It is a winter accessory worth the warmth.

Beanies would do the job for you. Ensure that you wear them in the right manner. You must cover your head and ears completely. It will prevent any cool breeze from passing by.

2. Hats

Making you look stunning isn’t the only thing on a hat’s agenda. It protects you from the weather around as well. Here’s another head warmer.

When you feel protected, you can up you’re style game too. It gives some polish to your elegant outfits. You can wear it with casual as well as formal clothing.

3. Scarf

As much as this can look stylish, it’s helpful in winter. It’s a necessity when it’s chilly out there. Wrapping a scarf around your neck can keep you away from winter cold.

You can wrap it around your head and ears too.

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4. Knitted Mask

You’ve covered you’re head and ears. Why not cover the mouth, too, if required! You don’t want your teeth to start shivering, right?

Then go for a knit mask. The design of the knit mask allows it to feel breathable. So you won’t feel suffocated while you wear it.

5. Gloves

16-degree weather calls for snowfall and icy cool conditions. You’ve covered your head and neck. What about the hands? They need some protection too.

Don’t worry. Gloves are here to help. You’ll feel the warmth as your fingers settle into the gloves.

Do you like snow fights in winter? If yes, you can use gloves with the snow too. Guess what; you’ll get a good grip on the snowballs too. Try you’re best to win.

6. Mittens

These are excellent alternatives to gloves. They are different from gloves. The design of a mitten is different from that of a glove. These would look tiny and cute on your hands.

But you’ll receive all the warmth within the hands.

7. Socks

Socks are a must for your feet in winter. They keep your feet warm and cozy throughout. Choose suitable materials for your winter socks.

They might not be evident, but they are essential for your safety.

What do People Wear in 16 Degree Weather?

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Isn’t winter incomplete without sweaters. It indeed feels like it. Want to know what do people wear in 16 degree weather?

Sweaters are one answer you can expect. It is one of the quintessential winter wear in the market.

Sweaters are available with great variety in the winter market. They can be your cozy and warm options in the wardrobe.

An oversized sweater would do wonders for your outfit in extreme temperatures. Cardigans would also help here.

Coats are great for this weather too. It provides you with all the warmth you need. If you want, it can look fashionable too. You have various coats at your disposal. For example, trench coats, pea coats, overcoats, etc.

Try these coats and see how it goes for you.

Go for long boots in such chilly weather. It covers more of your feet than regular shoes. Brogues, wedges, etc are good options to consider.

Apart from this, you must stay warm throughout. Wear some comfy beanies to keep your head warm.


16 degrees can be extreme weather for some people. But, those who live in such temperatures might not feel so.

Irrespective, you must be ready for these temperatures. If you do that, winter won’t be harsh towards you.

This post was written by Kosha team member – Shawn Mathias

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What should I wear if my temperature is 16 degrees? ›

Wear light and comfortable clothes for this layer. For this purpose, fleece fits the bill. It traps heat while also remaining breathable. A lightweight down jacket is also a suitable middle layer.

Do you need a jacket in 16 degrees? ›

You might find it a bit chilly but it's not really cold, you should be OK with long pants (or tights if you're wearing a dress or skirt), a sweater and a light jacket. Wear closed shoes with socks and maybe carry a scarf with you to cover your neck.

What should I wear in 15 degree weather? ›

For 10 to 15°C Degrees

At 10°C, you can afford to pull off your trendy minimal outerwear like a parka, biker jacket or leather jacket. You can also get away with wearing your favourite shirt and jeans or dress combo, so long as you layer it with some form of outerwear.

What to wear when its 17 degrees? ›


MATERIALS: light wool, leather, waterproof fabrics. Under them, tops and shirts in cotton and other thin fabrics.

How should I dress for 15 degrees Fahrenheit? ›

Follow a Head-to-Toe Clothing Checklist
  1. A hat.
  2. A scarf or knit mask to cover face and mouth.
  3. Sleeves that are snug at the wrist.
  4. Mittens (they are warmer than gloves)
  5. Several layers of loose-fitting clothing.
  6. Water-resistant coat and boots.
Jan 9, 2023

Is 16 degrees too cold inside? ›

14-15° - If your home is this cold, you may be diminishing your resistance to respiratory diseases. 18° is the recommended night time bedroom temperature. 19-21° is the recommended daytime temperature range for occupied rooms.


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